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Elections Soon with Exciting New Committee Positions!

Elections are coming up during the first week of the Spring term!  You can run for any Executive Board position and join as many committees as you’d like (or be a committee leader, which takes pressure off the Executive Board).

Executive Board Positions

Oversee the group, guide discussion, lead meetings, and act as a public speaker and figurehead for the group.  Work as public relations to communicate with other groups and officials. All interactions taken by the president on behalf of the group must be carried out under the official name of the Student Liberty Front.

Vice President
Interact with student population, schedule events, advertise, and act as a liaison to Events Services/OCA. The vice president substitutes for the president when he or she is unavailable.

Handle all of the finances and financial policy related to the organization, plan fundraising, and acquire funding from OCA/SAFAC and other funding sources. The treasurer is to be responsible for all account management and transactions and all budget proposals to SAFAC due no later than there appropriate deadlines.

Transcribe all meeting recordings, keep attendance at meetings, and update the student group e-mail list, Drexel University departments and faculty contact information and non-profit affiliations contact information.  The Secretary will also be responsible for all educational documents for the general body’s benefit and is responsible for conducting all elections and votes.  Must keep an organized system of files and copies of paperwork, and maintain the Liberty Library.

Committee Positions

  • Blogger/Website (Stacy Litz)
  • Charity (Joshua Martin)
  • Fund raising
  • Graphic Designer
  • Librarian
  • Minstrel (Andrew Eshelman)
  • Radio Show
  • Resource Manager
  • Street Team, Tabling/Fliering
  • You Tube Channel/Film

. . . And more!  Let us know on election day if you would like to join any of these committees.  You can join as many as you want!

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