Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution of the Student Liberty Front


The Student Liberty Front does ordain and establish this constitution of enumerated powers in order to preserve and provide for the execution of the mission statement of the Student Liberty Front. This constitution shall define the provisions for the goals and methods of the group and membership. All member power and ability is contained here in. No individual is able to claim powers that are not derived from this Constitution. In no way shall this constitution ever be construed or altered in a manner which could subvert the purpose of its creation. All individuals who attend Student Liberty Front sponsored meetings and events consent to the legitimacy of this constitution and in so doing agree to abide by it.

Article IMission Statement and Name

Sec 1: Mission Statement

The mission of the Drexel Student Liberty Front is to educate the community on the importance of Individual Liberty and to participate in activities that further the causes thereof.

Sec 2: Name

The official name of this group shall be: Student Liberty Front.”

Article II – Objectives

Sec. 1: Objectives

The Objectives of the Student Liberty Front are:

To bring together individuals for the progression of freedom and liberty

To promote liberty and freedom in social, economic, and political contexts

To educate the community on the philosophies of individual liberty

To educate individuals on their rights as a citizen of the United States

To bring in speakers, hold events, and sponsor activities related to the mission statement of the Student Liberty Front.

Article IIIMembership

Sec. 1: Eligibility and Voting

Membership status in the Student Liberty Front is limited to all undergraduate, graduate and alumni of Drexel University.

Only members have the ability to vote in matters of the general body.

Sec. 2: Requirements

Individuals that are eligible for membership must meet the following criteria to become members:

Attend four general body meetings and/or Student Liberty Front sponsored events or any combination there of within two consecutive academic quarters.

All individuals who may qualify to become members must consent to the nomination for membership status in order to be officially recognized thereof.

Sec. 3: Membership Standing

The executive and general body may only alter an individual’s membership status against his or her will due to the following circumstances.


Any member who has been absent for a period no less than three quarters will have his or her membership suspended.  To reclaim membership status, suspended members must satisfy the requirements as outlined in § 2 of this article.

Revocation of Membership Status

A member can only have his or her membership status revoked against their will by the following process. Any member of the Student Liberty Front can request an audience with the executive board to present their argument(s) for revocation. No individual may be nominated for revocation of membership status by the same person more than once in the same quarter. After the reasons are presented the nominator must leave. The accused must be notified and must be given the opportunity to appear before the executives and offer a defense. After dismissal of the accused, the executive board must vote on whether or not to move the issue to the general body.  The executive vote is to be based upon the number of nominations presented whereas the number of nominations will be subtracted from the total number of executives needed to pass the vote. The minimum number of executives required to move the issue to the general body cannot be less than two. After voting to move the issue to the general body, the executive board must give a minimum of one weeks notice to the accused so that he or she may prepare a public defense. At the subsequent general body meeting, the accuser(s) may present argument(s) after which the accused may present a defense.  The general body will then vote on whether or not to revoke membership status of the accused. Membership status may only be revoked if four-fifths of the general body is in agreement.

If an individual’s membership status is revoked by the general body, the individual must petition the executive board to regain membership.

Article IV Executive Board

Sec. 1: Election Process

Elections will occur every six months on the first week of the Spring and Fall terms.  Only members may participate in the election process, including voting and running for office. More than half of the membership must participate for the election of executives to be held. If half of the membership is unable to vote, the vote must be held each consecutive week until a quorum can be reached.

Sec. 2: Term Limits

No member shall be allowed to hold the same position for a fourth elected term. No member who has been in a position for two elected terms may hold that position a third time unless they are elected with greater than two-thirds of the votes.  Any executive who has been elected in this manner cannot run for another elected position until the elapse of one elected term.

Sec. 3: Executive Board Positions

The executive board must uphold the constitution. Only executive board members may vote during executive board meetings. Executives may miss no more than two executive board meetings per academic term.


Oversee the group, guide discussion, lead meetings, and act as a public speaker and figurehead for the group.  Work as public relations to communicate with other groups and officials. All interactions taken by the president on behalf of the group must be carried out under the official name of the Student Liberty Front.

Vice President

Interact with student population, schedule events, advertise, and act as a liaison to Events Services/OCA. The vice president substitutes for the president when he or she is unavailable.


Handle all of the finances and financial policy related to the organization, plan fundraising, and acquire funding from OCA/SAFAC and other funding sources. The treasurer is to be responsible for all account management and transactions and all budget proposals to SAFAC due no later than there appropriate deadlines.


Transcribe all meeting recordings, keep attendance at meetings, and update the student group e-mail list, Drexel University departments and faculty contact information and non-profit affiliations contact information.  The Secretary will also be responsible for all educational documents for the general body’s benefit and is responsible for conducting all elections and votes.  Must keep an organized system of files and copies of paperwork, and maintain the Liberty Library.

Sec. 4: Replacement Process

If an executive is unable to continue their duties, an interim executive may be appointed by unanimous consent of the executive board.  The interim position may last no longer than five weeks but is dissolved upon the return of the absent executive. If a period of four weeks elapses, the standard election process must be used to determine a permanent replacement for the remainder of the elected term.

Article V Appointed Positions

Sec. 1: Appointment Process

Any member may be appointed to non-executive board positions by a unanimous executive board vote. Any member is free to decline the appointment. Appointed positions will last until the subsequent election term or until the executive board deems that the position is no longer necessary by unanimous vote.  All created positions shall be stated in the bylaws, which will include a description of their purpose and functions. The executive board may remove appointed officials from their positions for dereliction of duty with a unanimous vote.

Article VI Subcommittees

Sec. 1: Creation and Dissolution

Subcommittees can be formed as per any executive member’s discretion.  Subcommittees must be added into the bylaws when created.  If called upon by any member of the executive board a committee may be dissolved by a seventy-five percent (rounding down) vote of the executive board.

Article VII Impeachment

Sec. 1: Impeachment Process

An executive who is not performing the expected duties of their position is eligible for impeachment. All impeachment recommendations can be proposed by any member of the Student Liberty Front. At the subsequent general body meeting the executive up for impeachment and the impeachers will be allowed to present their arguments. As long as more than half the general membership is present, the general body then votes on whether or not to impeach the executive. If at least four-fifths of the members present vote for impeachment, the executive will be removed from the executive board.

Article VIII Advisors

Sec. 1: Selection

One advisor will be nominated per election cycle by appointment of the executive board.  Appointments occur every year during the student organization recognition process. The primary advisor needs to be a full time faculty or staff member and may reject the appointment if they so choose.

Article IX Meetings

Sec. 1: General Body Meetings

The Student Liberty Front will meet weekly during Drexel’s academic terms. Meetings will last a minimum of 15 minutes. General body meetings are open to the public and must occur in a regular location at a regular time to be spelled out in the by-laws to ensure access for the general body.

Sec. 2: Executive Board Meetings

Executives will meet when necessary to discuss and guide the group’s agenda. Members of the Student Liberty Front may sit in on the executive meetings with one week’s notice and may not engage in the meeting until the executives have completed their primary tasks. Executive board meetings must occur in a regular location at a regular time to be spelled out in the by-laws to ensure access for the membership. Special meetings will be announced by e-mail and require at least three days of notice for executive attendance to be required.

Article X – Finances

Sec. 1: Drexel Code

All Student Liberty Front financial policy must adhere to the Drexel codes.

Article XI – Amendments

Sec. 1: Process

In order to be valid, amendments must be submitted in writing by any member of the organization in the form of a proposal. Proposals must be submitted to an executive who is then responsible for presenting the amendment proposal at the next executive board meeting and may request the presence of the author if it is a member other than the executive.  The executive responsible for the proposal may then call for a vote at the subsequent executive board meeting.  Only a unanimous executive board vote passes the proposed amendment to the general membership for a vote on official ratification. There must be at least one week’s notice that the proposed amendment will be voted on and then the vote shall occur at the subsequent general body meeting.  There must be at least half of the membership present for the vote to occur. The proposed amendment becomes ratified with a four-fifths vote of the members present. Members can abstain from voting. All ratified amendments must be attached to the constitution and take precedence over the original text.

Article XII – Ratification, Replacement, and Dissolution

Sec. 1: Ratification

The proposed constitution will be passed to the general body for ratification by a unanimous vote of the executive members.  The executive board will then give at least one weeks’ notice to the general membership that a vote for the ratification of the constitution will occur at the following general body meeting.  Upon a four-fifths vote for ratification by the members present and the subsequent signing of this document by said members, this constitution will become the governing document of the Student Liberty Front. The date of the ratification of the new constitution is to be recorded with the signatures of the affirming members. If consensus cannot be reached the document must be revised and notice must be given that a new ratification vote will occur at the subsequent general body meeting, this process is to repeat until a four-fifths majority vote to ratify is reached. The ratified constitution and its bylaws are to be made available to members upon request and must be posted in a public forum.

Sec. 2: Replacement

If this constitution is deemed inadequate for the governance of the Student Liberty Front, a new one may be created and ratified upon a call by a member of the general body that has been seconded and is supported by a four-fifths majority vote of the members present at the subsequent general body meeting. The creation of a new constitution may only be conducted within the confines of a constitutional convention which may occur no sooner than one week after the vote for replacement has occurred and ample notice of the pending convention has been given. At the convention the executive board will proceed with the creation of the new document allowing consideration for the written proposals of members submitted no later than one week prior to the convention. A member must be appointed to the position of “Speaker” to moderate convention discussion and take detailed notes including occasional time stamps and records of the names of executives involved in essential discussion. Any member of the general body may attend the convention. In order to be ratified, the proposed replacement constitution must meet the ratification requirements in § 1 of this article.

Sec. 3: Dissolution

Dissolution of the organization can be called for by unanimous agreement of the executive board.  If called, a unanimous vote for dissolution amongst the members of the organization, followed by the signing of this document by said members, will confirm the dissolution of the group. The date of dissolution should be noted on the signing.

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